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We are celebrating our 12th year of existing!

This site hosts creations from Sims 2, Sims 3, Sims 4, and Sims Stories. 
This site does not exist to trample on creator's rights, to cause drama, or to piss anyone off.
It is here to help people out by providing a place to put files from dead sites and from creators whose work has disappeared so the community can continue to enjoy them.

Important Info

  • You will need WinRar to extract files from this website before installing the files into your game.
  • If you are the creator of files on this site and would like them removed, please use the contact form!
  • Please update your bookmarks! This is now the only graveyard site!

Undead Sites/Creators

Some creators/sites have moved and aren't dead, or they were dead but aren't anymore:
Betsy's Little Sim Shoppe is HERE Lifestyle 4 Sims is HERE Salix Sims is HERE
DLMulsow is HERE Oldbox is HERE Sims2Play is HERE
Joedy76 is HERE Pam's Themes for Sims2 is HERE Squinge's mods are HERE
SailfinSims is HERE Rensim is HERE LL30 is HERE
Seriously Amused Sims is HERE DJs Sims is HERE Cloud Walker Sims is HERE
Ninth Wave Sims is HERE    
We have some "undead" sites/creators in the graveyard under "zombie" as well.