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Do you have permission to put these files up? Most of these sites have been dead so long that nobody even knows how to contact the creators anymore. The site's purpose is not to go against creator wishes, but to retrieve and share lost files for the community.
How do you get all these files? Did the creators send them to you?
  • The files get to the graveyard several ways. Either I downloaded them myself, someone emails them to the graveyard, or I find them on other sites (simscave or GoS for instance).

  • Several creators have sent their files or notified ahead of time of their site closure.

Why are there no pictures for alot of files?

There are pictures for alot of sites. You may not see them. They should be above the file and will end with .jpg/.gif/.bmp/.png. If there isn't a picture, then there is no picture available. If you'd like to take some pictures for the graveyard, please email.

Note: This site was never meant to be like a regular site, it was originally meant for people looking for files that they needed and knew what they were looking for. Although I'm glad downloadaholics like the site, I can't do anything about the missing picture problem.

I found a broken file or link, I don't understand why you have a certain site up, or I have some other complaint/question/comment. Please leave a message in the guestbook or send an email by clicking the word "contact" in the menu.
I have files, but how do I get them to you?
  • Gather the items into ONE zip/rar then add as an attachment to an email, then send to simsgraveyardkeeper @ (without the spaces).

  • If the files are too big for email, then you can upload them to a free file hosting website and then click the "Contact" page here (or email) to send the links to the files.

    • If choosing a file host, please make sure that you choose one that lets me mass-download all the files in a folder.
How do I know you want the files?

Please don't email asking "do you want these files?" Just upload them and send me the links.

What if I don't have any files? How else can I help?
  • Volunteer to take big, clear, in-game pictures of some of the files that are missing pictures right now

  • Spread the word about the graveyard, and about WNF by linking throughout the web./span>

  • Donate money if/when you can to help pay for server fees.