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Note: If the graveyard is ever down, please check the Twitter page (follow it for updates)

The graveyard files are backed up in multiple locations both online and offline and aren't going anywhere. If we're down, it's temporary and nothing has been lost. If I plan to ever close the graveyard or Pescado stops hosting us, or something like that -- I'll find a way to make sure the files are still online and available for the community! Please spread the word that we are back up, our new address, and the new Twitter.

Other:  JustSims2 is no longer zombie and has been moved, MilanoSims2 is no longer zombie and has been moved, Joedy76 is now a zombie

There are still more files to add later, I just wanted to get first update up since it's been so long!

  The Sims 2 The Sims 3 The Sims 4
New to the graveyard:
  • acrazything
  • ahthan
  • ameliiya
  • bluewater village (pics only)
  • boa simsfan
  • calliesims (formerly part of WNF)
  • caravan/simsdesignave
  • cherrybomb (pics only)
  • cinnasims
  • creativesimsrealty (pics only)
  • crystalclearsims
  • curiodesigns
  • desiresims/livingdoll
  • elynia
  • fisbis2 (pics only)
  • honeycutesim (pics only)
  • inretrospect (pics only)
  • lanabi
  • lilsimpirates
  • limmerfer
  • maxoids
  • milanosims2
  • raon
  • renegadesims (formerly part of WNF)
  • rockchicksims
  • sau (old)
  • seductivesims
  • shangriquama
  • sheyla's sims2
  • simfashion
  • simgedoehns
  • sims2vips (pics only)
  • simsurbania
  • simwardrobe
  • snowwhitesims (formerly part of WNF)
  • sublimesims
  • welldressedsim (pics only)
  • all about style
  • annamaria sims2
  • avalon
  • einfachsimlisch
  • holysimoly
  • lianasims2
  • simplystyling
  • vitasims2

All About Style



holy simoly

liana sims3

luna sims3

poppy sims

simply styling

sublime sims

All About Style

Added files to the folders: biene, briher, carnabysims, chinafansims, chotidesigns, gothplague, helgasims, poisonpinklemons